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Eye of Horus Earrings

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Behold the Eye of Horus Earrings, a modern incarnation of an ancient emblem of protection, power, and health. These striking sterling silver studs are a tribute to one of the most storied symbols from ancient Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Horus.

Each earring is meticulously crafted to showcase the iconic Eye, surrounded by a halo of decorative silver that gives the piece depth and distinction. Not just a piece of jewelry, the Eye of Horus Earrings are a wearable piece of history, imbued with meaning and designed for the contemporary individual who draws inspiration from the past. They serve as a guardian to the wearer, fusing the mystique of ancient civilizations with the elegance of modern design.

Perfect for anyone who desires a connection to the past or wishes to carry a symbol of enduring legacy, these earrings are a sophisticated addition to any ensemble. Let them be a conversation piece, a statement of your identity, and a protective amulet that guides you through the journey of life.

Metal Type

  • 925 Sterling Silver


  • Silver


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