About Us

Every tattoo tells a story. With each new addition, a memory or meaningful reminder is permanently etched onto the body's canvas. After many years of collecting and curating, tattoos culminate into a completely unique piece of art that's impossible to replicate.

Just like body art, a truly great collection of jewelry requires years of stumbling into small shops, discovering new artists, and spontaneous moments of inspiration. 

Since 2014, Silver Phantom has been designing pieces which draw from the powerful symbols and imagery universal in tattoo art.

Confident, aggressive, and not for the faint-hearted, each piece has a devil-may-care panache that is guaranteed to leave you endlessly hearing "where did you get that?!"

Crafted to the highest standards of quality, each piece is made with premium metals, beads, and leather. Meticulous attention to detail and hours of painstaking workmanship goes, and multiple layers of quality inspection ensures a mind blowing reaction when you open the box.

Whether you're buying a gift or are treating yourself, whatever you pick out is something that won't be taken off.