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Crescent Fang Necklace

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Introducing Crescent Fang, an exquisite necklace where the cool gleam of silver and the warm luster of brass entwine in an eternal embrace. The piece captures the essence of the nocturnal serpent, a creature steeped in lore and shrouded in the enigma of the moonlit sky. Each curve and coil of this piece tells a story of duality—of power and grace, wisdom and rebirth.

Designed for the trailblazers, the Crescent Fang is more than a mere accessory, it's a symbol for the soulful renegades, the outliers and the night owls. This necklace is a badge of honor, a fusion of the celestial and the earthly that highlights man's drive for their true authentic self.
Wear this necklace as a declaration of your inner strength and outer charm, a perfect blend of mystery and elegance, beckoning the allure of the moon and the might of the serpent.


Materials: Sterling Silver with brass accents. Includes 22"-Rolo chain.

Metal Type

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Brass



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