Matching His & Hers: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pair

Matching His & Hers: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pair

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Matching jewelry pieces isn't just about accessorizing together; it's about making a statement of unity without compromising your edge. Let’s dive into matching pieces with your partner– the secrets of perfectly synchronized silver jewelry sets that scream style without sacrificing connection!

Know your style

Check out each other’s favorite clothing pieces and find out what’s common in your aesthetics! Look at color schemes, current accessories, clothing types, and things you both like to elevate your game.

Compare and contrast, and think of what designs go well with each! We recommend saving pegs of your favorite accessories and giving recommendations to one another, too.

It’s also worth considering what kind of accessories you and your partner would like. Do you both prefer matching necklaces? Are rings more your style? Either way, there are many options with how versatile silver jewelry is.

Make a declaration

Pick a statement that's as rebellious and radical as you both are! Embracing common elements of your style is the key to creating a coordinated look that speaks volumes. 

From occult symbols and occult vibes to vintage horror references or even retro punk nostalgia, let your jewelry reflect your unbreakable bond. Look at the references and interests you share, and think of what significance these hold for both of you! 

If you’ve got a shared love of the wild, fierce side, you can rock ferocious designs like our Prowling Tiger Cuff and Mythic Dragon Cuff. This says that your love is as fierce as it is bold!

If you’re both big fans of strategy and games, go for matching rings with a combination like the Blood Queen Ring and the Grandmaster Ring. You both make the statement that your love is inconquerable!

Manifest into reality

Another way you can go about it is by making a suggestion based on what you want for your relationship. Remember that every piece is a statement, and you still want your partner to be the boldest, bravest version of themselves. Think of matching silver jewelry a way to make a wish come true based on the statement you want to make!

For example, getting the Large Calavera Skull Necklace and Calavera Virgin Mary Key Necklace could be that you want to stay with each other in this life and beyond.

Mix it up!

Don’t be afraid to experiment before you pick your default his-and-hers pieces! Remember that it’s always good to break the rules, make some noise, and watch as heads turn in awe when you try things out. You don’t have to get the styles right the first time; try what you like, and what represents the bold character of your relationship.


From embracing your individuality to coordinating like the ultimate power couple, it's time to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight-- and Silver Phantom gives you the avenues for it! With our intricate and unique pieces, something surely fits you and your partner's style. So, rock those pieces, own your rebellion, and let your love defy expectations in all ways.

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