Titanium 7mm Flat Band with 5mm Meteorite

Titanium 7mm Flat Band with 5mm Meteorite

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Titanium 7mm Flat Band with 5mm Meteorite

This beautiful 7mm flat wedding ring features a 7mm Titanium and 5mm Metorite. This exquisite and rare ring piece symbolizes a love that stays strong amid the challenges that comes along in a marriage. Give your partner this ring as a symbol of commitment, perseverance, and resilience in your relationship.  


  • Available in all ring sizes
  • No two rings are alike!
  • Hypoallergenic and 100% made of natural, high- quality materials
  • Wood material coated with jewelry grade resin finish

Shipping and Timeframe Information:

All items are made to order.

Shipping timeframe: 7-21 business days.

A Natural Beauty Crafted to Last

Each ring is uniquely crafted to perfection. Every piece vary in pattern and design, having its own distinct character. A perfectly, imperfect natural beauty of the high grade rose gold forged with wood material in this ring is a unique symbol of love shared between married and soon- to- be married couples.

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