Solid diamond ring with rounded-bevel edge design engraved Celtic knot pattern polished finish

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Solid diamond ring with rounded-bevel edge design and laser engraved authentic Celtic knot pattern with a polished finish.

This stunning solid diamond ring features a rounded- bevel edge design that goes perfectly with its Celtic knot pattern in polished finish. A unique, classic jewelry that fits as symbol of a one-of-a-kind love and commitment meant to last forever.

Beauty made to last forever

Like the popular timeless song goes, "diamonds last forever", our Elysium rings last a lifetime. With over 25 million engineered diamond crystals and 18 karats of solid diamond, we guarantee that this is a ring to be treasured forever, along with the memories of love and marriage.


  • Available in all ring sizes
  • Up to 18 karats of solid diamond
  • Over 25 million engineered diamond crystals
  • Crack- resistant; 4x harder than tungsten

How is the world's first solid diamond ring made?

With about $30 million worth of research and technology, millions of man-made

diamond particles are subjected to enormous pressure and intense heat. Diamond particles grow together under these extreme conditions to create a beautiful Elysium solid diamond ring.

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