Solid Diamond Ring with Custom Beveled Edge Design and Sterling Silver Inlay

$ 1,999.99
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Solid diamond ring with custom beveled edge design. Includes a sterling silver 2 mm inlay.

This elegant and classic solid diamond ring features a custom beveled edge design. It also has a lovely 2mm sterling silver inlay that adds character to the ring. This simple, yet elegant beauty is made of up to 18 karats of solid diamond with untarnished beauty that lasts forever, like the love shared between married couples.

Beauty made to last forever

Like the popular timeless song goes, "diamonds last forever", our Elysium rings last a lifetime. With over 25 million engineered diamond crystals and 18 karats of solid diamond, we guarantee that this is a ring to be treasured forever, along with the memories of love and marriage.


  • Available in all ring sizes
  • Up to 18 karats of solid diamond
  • Over 25 million engineered diamond crystals
  • Crack- resistant; 4x harder than tungsten

How is the world's first solid diamond ring made?

With about $30 million worth of research and technology, millions of man-made

diamond particles are subjected to enormous pressure

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