Octopus Tentacle Ring - Antique

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Sterling Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring available in Antique, Shiny, and Dark styles!
Our best-selling octopus tentacle ring is handmade by Lord Cthulhu himself in the depths of R'lyeh. Alright...just kidding - but even so, it's totally badass!

Each ring is cast in solid .925 Sterling silver (it'll NEVER turn your finger green), is extremely comfortable, and designed to adjust to virtually ALL ring sizes (seriously!) so you can switch fingers or wear it as a thumb ring. Don't know your ring size? Just pop it on, give it a squeeze, and it'll fit like a glove!
Not available for International Shipping
  • Easily adjustable to sizes 4 through 14 (US) 
  • Looks great on both Men and Women
  • Wear it on any finger - even works well as a thumb ring
  • Stack them for an even cooler look!

Antique -  The antique silver finish on this version means it comes lightly oxidized so that you don't have to spend time and effort oxidizing it to get the aged, weathered look.

Dark - The heavy oxidation on this version means it looks very dark - nearly black - for a mysterious, straight-from-the-depths look.

Rhodium - The shiny version is plated with rhodium, which is commonly used on silver jewelry to help maintain a beautiful, bright, shiny finish.

Gold - Plated in real 18k gold, this ring adds a pop of color and will maintain its shine

Rings being lighter compared to the image is a result of its handmade nature. The rings will naturally darken as it is exposed to the natural sulfur in the air. Read this article for more information: https://goo.gl/zClZ0J

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