Evil Eye Earring

$ 14.99
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These 925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Earrings are a great charm to add to your daily life. Known as a nazar or talisman in West Asia, evil eyes are believed to protect against misfortune or injury. A great item with a subtle message of care and protection for you or the one you want to give it to. It is definitely an item you should keep an eye out for!
  • SOLID STERLING SILVER - Made with the finest 925 Sterling Silver for stunning detail that lasts a lifetime
  • RHODIUM PLATED - Rhodium is a hard metal that protects your ring and silver's bright shine
  • WARD OFF EVIL - Look cute and protect your luck all at once
  • PERFECT FOR WOMEN - Small and distinctive design that looks great on small hands
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - South Street Designs, the only authorized seller of Silver Phantom Jewelry items, stands behind each item with incredible customer support and a 100% money-back guarantee!
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