Damascus Steel Ring 10mm Domed Band Acid Finish

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Damascus Steel 10mm Domed Band

Finely crafted to perfection, this Damascus Steel 10mm domed band is forged with over 120 layers of steel forged together to create that unique pattern. Every Damascus Steel ring is unique- a perfect gift to a one-of-a-kind someone.   

Every Damascus Steel Ring is crafted uniquely!No two rings are exactly alike!

Damascus Steel rings are forged using ancient sword making techniques that dates back to 3rd century. Two types of stainless steel are forged alternatingly together to create a one of a kind pattern.


  • Pattern can be seen and felt like it is part of the metal’s structure
  • Of highest durability standard
  • Up to 120 layers of finished Damascus steel
  • Available sizes: 5-14 in whole and half quarter sizes

Shipping and Timeframe Information:

All items are made to order.

Shipping timeframe: 7-21 business days.

How is durability and quality ensured in our Damascus Rings?

Our Damascus Steel rings are crafted by a local artist who have had years of experience perfecting the craft and is renowned for the highest quality Damascus production.

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