Damascus Steel Square Band Ring with Flat Twist Pattern


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Flat Twist Patterned Damascus Steel 8mm Flat, Square Band
This beautiful 8mm flat, square wedding band is made with high-grade flat twist patterned Damascus steel. A damascus ring can have up to 120 layers of damascus steel forged together to endure a lifetime, just like your vow to a lifetime of love and partnership.

Each ring has a special design - no two rings are exactly alike!
The variation in color, character, character, pattern, and quality of woods make every single ring unique, with no two pieces alike. Each ring comes from wood sourced all over the world and inlaid with a variety of metals and designs to make a one-of-a-kind piece.

● Available in all ring sizes
● Each ring is unique - no two rings are alike!
● Up to 120 layers of finished Damascus steel
● Pattern can be seen and felt as it is part of the structure of the metal
● Black zirconium color does not fade away in time

Shipping and Timeframe Information:
All items are made to order.
Shipping timeframe: 7-21 business days.

Where is the hardwood from?
Our rings use ethically sourced hardwood through reputable channels. We believe in sourcing hardwood sustainably and condemn the illegal exporting of protected species.