Square Cobalt Chrome Band Ring with Meteorite Inlay


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Cobalt Chrome 8mm square band with beveled edges and 5mm of meteorite
This exquisite 8mm square Cobalt Chrome band features an intricately- crafted beveled edges and 5mm of stunning meteorite. Sometimes it takes millions of years to craft the perfect ring. And then have it delivered from space to land on the finger of your special someone.

A Lovers’ Journey
From initial meeting to marriage and beyond, is an apt metaphor for the authentic Gibeon Meteorite used in Lashbrook rings.

● Limited supply
● Rare and exotic material (iron meteorites account for less than 5% of observed falls.
● Formed, in space, 4 billion years ago.
● As a natural material each piece will be unique with no rings being identical
● Made in space
● Ring sizes: 4-14 in whole half and quarter sizes

Shipping and Timeframe Information:
All items are made to order.
Shipping timeframe: 7-21 business days.

How rare is it to have a meteorite jewelry?
Gibeon Meteorite products are limited in supply.
This rare type of meteorite is composed of metals which were formed in a super-heated state and cooled over the course of 4 billion years.