14K Rose Gold Band Ring with Natcoco Hardwood Sleeve


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14K Rose Gold 8mm Flat Rounded band with Natcoco Hardwood sleeve.
This sophisticated 14K Rose Gold 8mm ring is intricately set in natural Natcoco Hardwood sleeve and is handmade to perfection. This piece of fine- crafted jewelry is a perfect gift for someone you would have and hold forever.

A Natural Beauty Crafted to Last
Each ring is uniquely crafted to perfection. Every piece vary in pattern and design, having its own distinct character. A perfectly, imperfect natural beauty of the high grade rose gold forged with wood material in this ring is a unique symbol of love shared between married and soon- to- be married couples.

● Available ring sizes: 6- 16
● Wood material sealed with jewelry grade resin to enhance durability, protecting it from moisture and damages.
● Made in USA with rare and high quality hardwood

Shipping and Timeframe Information:
All items are made to order.
Shipping timeframe: 7-21 business days.

Where is the hardwood from?
Our rings use 100% ethically sourced hardwood through reputable channels. We believe in sourcing hardwood sustainably and condemn the illegal exporting of protected species.