The world’s first solid diamond ring


Natural diamond’s raw material doesn’t merely endure the trials of pressure, heat and time - it’s improve by them. Bland, unattractive matter becomes brilliant, striking and harder than any other material on earth. Diamond is made to last forever. Your relationship, like diamonds, improves over time and is strengthened through trials. Let Elysium be a symbol of your commitment to not only withstand the tests of time and the pressures of life but be improved by them - to be perfected by them… together.


  • SOLID DIAMOND RING: Up to 25 million engineered diamond crystals are subjected to enormous pressure and heat to grow together creating an Elysium solid diamond ring. 
  • Most scratch-resistant material in the world
    • Crack-resistant: Survives most drops under 16 feet
    • 4x harder than tungsten
    • Scratch resistant: 10/10 on Mohs scale
  • Will never fade or scratch 
  • Lightweight 
  • $30,000,000 worth of research and development 
  • Over 7 patents 

Ring Sizes

  • 5.5-12 whole and half sizes with more sizes coming soon