Stronger together

Damascus Steel

Marriage brings two individuals together. When effort is put into making a great marriage, the result is something beautiful and entirely unique. Damascus Steel wedding bands are symbolic of this idea. It is made by blending two different kinds of stainless steel together making it more stronger and more durable. Much like marriage, Damascus steel requires work to unite the metal layers together but the result is worth the effort.


  • There can be up to 120 layers in each piece of finished Damascus. Each Damascus ring is unique - no two designs will look exactly alike. 
  • Made by a local artist renowned for the highest quality Damascus production made possible by talent perfected over years of experience. 
  • Hard and durable 
  • Pattern can be seen and felt as it is part of the structure of the metal 
  • 2 types of alternating stainless steel forged together to create pattern.

Available sizes

  • 5-14 in whole and half quarter sizes