Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome 7mm Domed band with Tree Pattern and Boxelder Burl Hardwood sleeve.

This lovely engagement band made of high quality Cobalt Chrome has a whimsy feel of a finely crafted tree pattern on rare Boxelder Burl Hardwood you cannot simply resist. A unique piece of natural beauty that is highly durable and exquisite.

A unique gift from nature crafted to last

Each piece is made of high grade rare, and exotic hardwood crafted for each piece to exude a unique character. The wood is coated in jewelry grade resin to achieve the highest form of durability. Each ring made with hardwood comes from wood sourced 100% ethically all over the world.


  • Available in all ring sizes 
  • No two rings are alike! 
  • Hypoallergenic and 100% made of natural, high- quality materials
  • Wood material coated with jewelry grade resin finish

Shipping and Timeframe Information

  • All items are made to order.
  • Shipping timeframe: 7-21 business days.

Where is the hardwood from?

We ensure that our rings use 100% ethically sourced hardwood from our reputable channels. We believe in sourcing hardwood sustainably and condemn the illegal exporting of protected species.