A ring as bold as your love 


Why bother with a simple boring, gold band when you can be brave and daring with Zirconium? A hypoallergenic material that is both strong and lightweight, Zirconium doesn’t fade with age.


  • Chemical resistance 
  • Strong yet flexible
  • Light and comfortable 
  • Zirconium is available in two-tone black and silver or jet black
  • Coating won't fade or wear off with time 
  • 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness 

Available Sizes

  • 3-16 in whole, half and quarter sizes

Damascus Steel

Every Damascus steel ring has its own fingerprint, hand crafted from up to 120 layers of stainless steel which can be seen and felt in the pattern. Strong and durable, each ring is made to order by an experienced artisan, right here in the USA.

    A Million Years in the Making


    The rare type of material is in limited supply as iron meteorites only fall once in a blue moon. No two meteorite rings will ever be the same as this unique material only comes from space.


    • Limited and rare material
    • As a natural material, each piece will be unique with no rings being identical 
    • This rare type of meteorite is composed of metals which were formed in a super-heated state and cooled over the course of 4 billion years. 

    Available Sizes

    • 4-14 in whole half and quarter sizes
    The world’s first solid diamond ring


    A solid diamond ring made up of 25 million engineered diamond crystals. Elysium is scratch resistant, crack-resistant, and four times harder than tungsten.


    • The most scratch-resistant material in the world
    • 4x harder than tungsten
    • Will never fade or show any wear and tear
    • Lightweight and strong
    • Scratch resistant: 10/10 on Mohs scale

    Available Sizes

    • 5.5-12 whole and half sizes with more sizes coming soon
    Imperfectly perfect


    With every passing year, a tree gains a ring. Ethically sourced and sealed against water and for durability, this hardwood ring humbly states a union that sprung forth and with a little care, grew into something big, something evolving with passing eras, and yet unmoving. Like the earth it came from, this wooden ring shows you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, even during the tough times.


    • Exotic hardwood made in the USA
    • Ethically Sourced
    • Protected against daily wear and tear 
    • Unique color inlay and character makes every ring different 

    Available Sizes

    • 6-16
    A Ring to Last a Lifetime

    Cobalt Chrome

    Cobalt chrome not only has the bright shine of sickest chrome rims on your dream ride. Cobalt chrome is also a metal used in medical devices to improve—sometimes save—lives. Maybe it’s cliché to say love can save a person, too, but can you think of a better choice for a ring to symbolize your union? In a world where weaklings crack jokes about marriage, let your wedding ring shine to show respect for the person who salvaged you from dark times. When you know they’ve got your back, and you’re ready for the ride of your life, this brilliant metal is the choice for your wedding band.


    • As an alloy, made up of a mixture of Chromium, Cobalt and a few other metals.

    • Strong and durable 

    • The metal has the feel of gold and the look of platinum while being harder and more durable than both

    • Can withstand a lot of abuses and will not change color or fade 


    Available Sizes

    • 3-24


    Durable and Strong


    There’s a reason titanium makes for an excellent ring choice, and it’s not just its cool name. Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. So, while it’s lightweight also hypoallergenic, titanium is as resilient and durable as the marriage you hope to build. When you want a wedding band that shows you’re ready to withstand whatever attempts the world might have in trying to break you, this is your ring. Show them you’re unbreakable.


    • No fading or changing of color over time

    • Hypoallergenic material
    • Requires little maintenance 

    • Titanium has a unique property allowing for anodizing in many colors 

    Available Sizes

    • 3-24