Ring Sizing 101: Finding Your Fit

Ring Sizing 101: Finding Your Fit

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So, you’ve found the perfect silver ring online – it’s bold, it's rebellious, and it's totally, authentically, you. But there’s just one problem: how do you figure out your ring size? Don’t worry, us folks at Silver Phantom got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the tips and tricks to help you gauge your ring size like a pro!

The Cool: Ring Sizing Tools

You can first try out using a ring sizer! A ring sizer helps you measure your finger without having to go to a physical jewelry store. Luckily, Silver Phantom offers you a free ring sizer to help you get your perfect fit! 

Pick the most appropriate size for whichever finger you want to measure, and once it fits comfortably to your liking, that’s your correct ring size!

The Classic: In-store Measurement

Head to your local jewelry store, and simply slide different-sized rings onto your finger until you find one that fits just right. Then simply ask for the size and voilà! - you can confidently say you've got your perfect ring size.

From there, you can simply choose your favorite ring with the comfort of knowing it wouldn't be too loose or too tight. 

The Creative: DIY Ring-Measurement

If visiting a store or getting your own isn’t an option, don’t worry! You can also measure your ring size at home using a piece of string or paper. Wrap the string around the base of your finger where the ring will sit and mark where it overlaps. Measure the length in millimeters and use a sizing chart online to determine your ring size! 

The Crafty: Current Sizes

Another handy trick is to use an existing ring that fits well as a reference point for sizing. Place any of your Silver Phantom ring on a piece of paper and trace around the inside and outside edges. We pride ourselves with consistent sizing of any of our rings so you don't have to worry about ordering online with us.

Measure the diameter of the circle in millimeters and match it with a ring sizing chart online. This method is beneficial if you’re shopping for someone else and must keep their gift under wraps!

The Collaborative: Consulting the Experts

Who knows jewelry better than the people who work behind it? Another way to inquire about ring sizing is to ask our customer services at Silver Phantom. We can assure 24/7 customer support with satisfaction guaranteed!

Worried about having to return or resize one of our silver rings? We got you covered! Your convenience is always our greatest priority, which is why we offer 30 day hassle-free returns! 


When in doubt, choose a size slightly larger rather than smaller! It’s much easier to resize a larger ring than it is to enlarge a smaller one. If you’re still unsure about ring resizing, opt for one of our adjustable rings that can be easily customized to fit any finger size! Silver Phantom offers a variety of awesome designs for adjustable rings, ranging from the Calavera Skull Ring to the Feather Ring respectively.


Finding the perfect ring size doesn’t have to be daunting; with these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to gauge your size like a pro in no time. Knowing your correct ring size ensures that every piece sits comfortably on your finger and complements your overall look effortlessly.

So go ahead, experiment confidently with different styles, mix and match metals, and stack those rings high. Silver Phantom has the variety of rings for you to choose from we guarantee you'll love!

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