Octopus Tentacle Rings

Our signature octopus tentacle rings are visually striking, incredibly well made, and are perfect for both men and women alike. We are now carrying several finishes so that you can find the perfect version to fit your style.

One unique feature of our octopus tentacle ring is that it is completely adjustable to comfortably fit virtually any size hand - from US size 4 to 15. To adjust the size, simply flex the band open or closed; you don't need any special tools and most certainly don't need to take it to a jeweler to do this!

Each ring is cast in solid, top-quality .925 Sterling silver so that it will last for years to come. There's no need to worry about it turning your finger green or the ring losing its finish over time since there is no metal core to be exposed by wear.

We're 100% sure you'll absolutely love it - grab yours today!

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